Introducing the a all new 2019 Gaming PC line by Simtag.
Optimized for simracing, streaming and gaming


Simtag Mini

Slim aluminium unibody frame with positive air pressure provides great performance and dust free operation that fits nearly any enviroment.

You can order it in silver or black with portable handle or hard mount options under your seat or behind your screens in vertical or horizontal orientation.

Mini configurations are surprisingly powerful and well ventilated for their size. Available with Intel i5 or i7 CPU’s and the latest graphics cards has no problem providing maximum performance for long gaming sessions



Coming soon!

Simtag Silent Gaming.jpg

The Whisperer

Born from the SIMTAG gaming series of computers featuring NO RGB none sense, and no glass panels. Elegant and understated design with oversized ultra low noise fans over mesh panels for near silent , yet cool operation over long gaming sessions.

With its Ryzen 7 2700 CPU running 8 cores and 16 threads, this configuration is excellent value for the gamer, streamer, simracer who runs multiple programs, capture devices, telemetry software and countless Chrome tabs at the same time.