Most Realistic Driving Controls 

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Powerfull sorround sound

With 8 channels and 800Watts of power the sorround sound and tactile feedback system is state of the art technology to enchance your immersion and rumble yuor body just like a true V8 does :)

Direct Drive servo steering

The new generation of force feedback steering wheels are here to stay for a while. These incredible industrial servo motors are driven by High dynamic Range torque control a.k.a. HDRT

HDRT yields approximately 14 bits of torque resolution,  up to 1000w power,  or 20Nm of tourque.

There are no gears, or belts, just a very powerful yet ultra smooth electric motor. However you look at it, this kind of steering system could only be found  in extremely expensive F1 simulators in the past.


VR Ready

The next generation of Virtual Reality headsets are already available and work extremely well with motion simulators. Jumping into a new car suddenly has a new meaning. You'll feel like you're really there. It is unlike anything you've ever experienced.

The basic rule of driving any vehicle is you go where you are looking. For the first time you can really place your car, where you want to.