SIMTAG simulator rental - Without instructor €60 / Hour including VAT.
SIMTAG simulator rental - one on one personal training with instructor €100 / Hour including VAT.
SIMTAG simulator for your event - Anywhere in Europe - Please contact us for details

Please contact us in advance with your exact date and time of your visit.




You can order SIMTAG as a service. We can provide our highly entertaining racing simulators with experienced staff to operate it and help your guests to enjoy the day to the fullest.

We can organize a time trial competition between the visitors, or we can have the machines connected so they can race each other. We can also brand our simulator, simulated cars and virtual race tracks so you can further extend your brand's image. 

Datalog and live telemetry

Datalog and live telemetry

For DRIVER TRAINING - We make you faster

Now you have the possibility to prepare for your next race just like them at SIMTAG Headquarters. You can learn new tracks, most of our tracks are laser scanned, so they authentic representation of their real counterparts. You can even feel the bumps. trough the steering and chassis. You can understand how setup changes effect your cars performance and handling. You can bring your race engineer so you can improve your communication with a new, common experience. We have full datalog or live telemetry for you to work with. You can hire our instructors so you can learn new skills or perfect your driving technique. Regardless of the level you compete at,  the amount of practice and work will be rewarded the next time you meet your competitors on the track.

For fun - Bring your friends

Everyone can try our latest technologies! You do not have to be a professional driver.

Racing enthusiast, amateur track day drivers and simracers can enter their favorite online league race or you can have fun with your friends or co-workers and race against each other in an authentic environment and legendary location at Circuit de Spa-Franchorchamps. 

We got hundreds of cars and tracks to try

We got hundreds of cars and tracks to try


The technology

We make no compromises at SIMTAG. We use the latest technologies to make you faster!
We have developed and built our training simulators to the highest standards. 
Anything you touch in our rig is coming from the world of motorsport.
We have chosen the most common race car components, and modified them to work in the simulated environment, so everything feels and works just like a real race car would.


The living proof of our concept and technologies are the drivers who use it for their training. Amongst others, multiple TCR International race winner Attila Tassi and Dušan Borković use our simulators on a daily basis, and our main partner World Touring Car Factory Honda driver Norbert Michelisz who is the probably the first among those who came from the world of online sim racing and made his mark in the professional racing world.

Norbert and Attila on the TCR International podium at the Hungaroring. 2017

Norbert and Attila on the TCR International podium at the Hungaroring. 2017