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Benjamin Lessennes

Benjamin Lessennes


SIMTAG Simulator with Super Wide Display

Purchase and rental

SIMTAG Simulators are made to your custom order and depending on configuration it may take up to 30 days for your simulator to be delivered. Please contact us for the latest specifications and pricing.


  • One of One local training at Spa-Francorchamps with or without a trained instructor
  • You can also rent our simulator for your public or private events. We usually include technical support or full staff to run the simulators

Warranty & Support

SIMTAG guarranties and supports it's simulators for 24 months. Additional premium online + hotline support available upon request. In house or on location installations, upgrade, support and custom ideas are welcome by the SIMTAG team.


We talked with 5-time 24 Hours of Le Mans champion Frank Biela about the highly anticipated track, and about his experiences with iRacing. 


SIMTAG simulators are compatible with almost all driving and simulation titles on the market including:

  • iRacing
  • Assetto Corsa
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione
  • pCars
  • pCars 2
  • rFactor
  • rFactor 2
  • RaceRoom
  • Live For Speed
  • F1 series
  • Dirt series
  • Grid series
  • Kart racing pro
  • X-plane
  • Automobilista
  • And the list goes on




  • Chassis footprint 1400 x 600 mm

  • CAD designed aluminium chassis

  • Light and rigid construction

  • Adjustable wheel, seat, pedal position and angle

  • Fully adjustable touring/GT car seating position


  • FIA homologated OMP seat

  • Optional XL seat size


  • optional 3 x 32" ACER 144Hz refresh rate screens, or 49" Samsung Super Wide 144Hz curved screen

  • Low input lag, color calibrated displays

  • Triple screen resolution: 5760x1080

  • 160+ degree viewing angle

  • Oculus Rift  VR headset optional


  • Direct Drive steering wheel system

  • Carbon fiber magnetic paddle shifters

  • 6 customizable industrial quality KNITTER buttons

  • 2 toggle switches

  • 2 rotary dials with joystick and push button function

  • Carbon fiber button box

  • Quick release system

  • Industrial quality servo motor with 1024000 counts/rev resolution

  • Maximum 480-720W 20-30 Nm, 1000 RPM, 11.5kg

  • 14 bit High dynamic range torque control drive

  • Infinitly adjustable steering angle

  • Plug & Play USB coiled cable connection

  • Optional steering rims: Touring, GT/LMP, Rally/Drift, Formula, Vintage


  • Simple to use software suite, with deep edit possibilities.

  • Amazingly quick at 250 updates per second so you can feel all the bumps, curbs, and suspension of the vehicle at real time.

  • Simulates vehicle weight transfer, road texture and G forces


  • Tilton 600 series forged aluminium pedal box

  • Wilwood master and slave cylinders

  • 3 pedal system

  • High resolution Hydraulic brake

  • Bosch pedal angle and pressure sensors

  • Cosworth dust and moisture proof connectors

  • Fully optimized for strength and weight using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Traditional balance bar and fixed mounted master cylinder design

  • Large 7/16″ diameter balance bar minimizes flex to provide a solid pedal feel/response. PTFE coated aluminum clevises for increase durability and reduced friction

  • Oil-impregnated bronze bushing at pedal pivots

  • Adjustable pedal pads and pedal angle


  • Carbon fiber magnetic paddle shifters are standard

  • Optional SIMTAG Professional sequential shifter

  • Optional Pro Sim H pattern shifter built by Quaiffe

  • Optional SIMTAG Hydraulic handbrake


  • Kingston Cloud HyperX headset

  • Asus Xonar Soundcard with integrateed headohone amp

  • Dolby Technology

  • Optional 2.1 sound with a powerful car audio subwoofer or 5.1 Hi-Fi grade German made Teufel Home Cinema System with tripple down firing subwoofer.   


  • Latest gen Intel i7 CPU

  • Asus premium motherboard

  • nVidia Geforce GTX 1080 ti

  • 16 GB high speed DDR4 memory

  • 500 GB SSD fast PCI-E storage

  • 600 Watt Corsair silent power supply

  • Aluminium chassis

  • Windows 10 64bit